Stance E - My Girl (Lyrics)

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Chorus: I just met the girl of my dream x2
I just found the girl that I need,
I ain't gonna let you go...
I just me the girl of my dream, girl I ain't gonna let you go, coz you got me thinking, the feeling ain't easy but I promise I'mma stay with you.
RAP VERSE 1: You're the girl of my dream,
The one that I need,
The one I always think of every second of my life,
You the air that I breath,
I'll make you a theme in my phone
When I wake up, you the only one I wanna to see,
You changed my life in a blink, stained me up like an ink,
Every time they see me, they see the brighter side of me,
I use to stink like a bee, I'm very hot in degrees,
I use to fight like Tom and Jerry struggling with a cheese... Yuh
We'll live together, forget about your friend Dina, forget any other thing about your friend Tina,
Days come and go, my love will stay for ever, I'm just not capable of stopping it; girl never,
My love is real though, it grows each passing day, When I'm with you girl, heaven is a step away!
When you look at me, my legs go weak, and When you smile at me, my heart skip a Beat
What was it you said? I can't remember. But I remember when we met, it was last December, girl you are looking great, what's the secret? come on smile for me, make my weekend!
Girl you are the star that shines so bright,
Girl you are the one that makes my day
Girl you are the one that makes me cry
Girl you are the one that makes me smileeeee...