Our Services


  1. Audio Recording, Editing & Mixing:Are you done recording that smash hit and you're in need of a sound engineer with experience that understands the genre to mix and master your song, then we got you covered. We provide digital Recording and Mixing services.We work with different genres, gospel, rock, pop, punk, dance, electro, folk, jazz, r&b, afro pop e.t.c 
  2. Beats Creation (Gospel, Trap, Raggae, Hiphop and lots more...): Do you have a song, melody or even a beat you saw online you would like us to use as a refrence and create an original beat, then your looking at the right hands to produce that hit.
  3. Mastering Services: We provides Mastering service the last and indispensable step in the making of music. Mastering a song means assuring the highest audio quality of the mixed tracks enhancing dynamics, volumes, stereophony and frequency contents.
    During the mastering phase the sound obtained during the mixing is further characterized and customized to assure a perfect reproduction on any audio support and system. 
  4. Music Cover Artwork: They say to never judge a book by its cover, and while we’d like to think that the same goes for albums—it’s the music on the inside that counts—there’s something to be said for a well-designed album cover. It’s your chance to catch the attention of new listeners and give a visual representation of the music within. A great album cover can inspire someone to download your track, encourage a streaming listener to learn more about you, and add a whole new layer of artistry to your work.
  5. Audio Dubbing & Voiceover: We offers audio Dubbing, Voiceover, Synchronization and Post-Production. The Dubbing can take place in natural or artificial sound settings. Contact us today for more info on live recordings in natural and artificial environments for the sonorization of short films, documentaries, films, commercials and video clips.