What You Need To Know

1. Studio Sessions: Your studio time starts counting, the moment you record your first take. This includes “Playback Time” and “Corrections”
2. Project Files (Data) + Stem Files: These can be provided to the client upon request. (Minimum Charge: ₦3,000). 
Project files/data are automatically deleted from our database a week after the song have been received by the artist. For Reference purposes or remixes in the future, it is advisable for the Artist to request for the project files of their songs.

NOTE: We are not responsible for storage of project files or Data.

3. Payment Plan: A 50% minimum Advance Payment is needed to get your project Processed, Be it a Beat or Recording, and a Complete Payment before the Project (Processed Track/Beat) is Delivered or Released to the Artist.

4. Corrections/Adjustments:
All corrections should be made within 24 hours after collection, otherwise will attract an extra charge.

5. Promo/Discounts: Our Promo/Discounts on any of our services lasts for only 30 days, therefore it is advisable to claim it within 30 days else it will be rendered Invalid. Claiming a discount requires you to make a 50% Advance Payment within 30 days.

6. Music Upload: Provided the song was produced at our studio, Music Upload on our website is absolutely free!
This is done upon request by the artist, and the artist is require to provide us a professional artwork (cover) of the song in order for us to upload it on our website.

7. No Smoking Inside The Studio: This should be done Outside the studio or before coming to the studio.

8. Always book your studio session before going to the studio: This involves getting a day and studio time (1 hr, 2 hrs e.t.c) for your music recording or any other work at the studio. Without booking, you may not be attended to, chances are there may be clashes between sessions.
NOTE: The minimum studio time you can book is 1 hour….nothing less

9. All mobile phones should be on flight mode or completely off, during recording sessions: This is to provide a convenient environment for vocal recording and to help the artist to concentrate in what he or she is doing at the moment. It also helps the artist to be more creative. Mobile phones can ruin a good recording or vocal take due to interference or noise.

10. Never try to playback your song by yourself immediately after a recording session:
If you ever want to listen to the track you just recorded, always feel free to ask the producer to playback for you to avoid tampering with your project files. Attempting to playback by yourself without knowing what you are doing can lead you to deleting something from the song which will lead you to paying extra for another take.

11. Always Prepare/Rehearse before going to the studio: Always rehearse/practice your song before hitting da studio. Doing this will get you prepared and ready to record your song, also it will save you time and money you spend on booking extra time (recording session).

NOTE: We are not responsible for the hours you spend recording your song in the studio.